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William Thomas Discusses Days Of Deception

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William Thomas discusses Days Of Deception with Meria Heller, who says:

“This is the most exciting book I’ve read in a long time. 9/11/01 in real time; what do to now – emergence; Doom & Bloom; Kucinich’s “Dept of Peace”; Richard Grove’s excellent work; turf wars inside the 9/11 “movement”; financial incentives behind 9/11, Iraq,Afghanistan, and possibly Iran; “Deep Pockets” – 9/11 a fireworks display; Pearl Harbor truth – Robert Stinnett’s “Day of Deceit”; commercial shipping moved out of the way on that day of “infamy”; the Pearl Harbor stand-down, the 9/11 stand-down; what can Bush do in a year?

“All evolves back to the Vatican and the Bank of Rome; money is why 9/11 happened; Federal Reserve; put options on 9/11; Richard’s work on financial trading software; fraudulent trading activities; the price REAL truthers pay; Bank of England; the Black Pope; the Jesuits; the micro chips made in China; Paying off 9/11 Commission to cover up Pakistan; using low level nukes in Iraq; radiation illness; Nothing can outlast the truth”. (13 min. MP3)

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William Thomas discusses chemtrails with Meria Heller, who says:

“Will Thomas is an author, journalist, photographer and filmmaker. We discuss his excellent book “Chemtrails Confirmed”. chemtrail awakening, sign the chemtrail petitions on his site; USAF new fleet of aerial tanker planes; Visual stealth technology; people only see what’s in their consciousness; NBC & Discovery on chemtrails; Morgollon’s disease; contrails vs. chemtrails; humidity and contrails; are contrails harmless? vaccines, sedatives; biological warfare under the cloak of darkness; quartz particles – transmitters of energy; electromagnetic pollution; scrambling our brains; how to protect yourself; fungus in the blood of 99% of chemtrail patients; last gasp of outdated paradigm; symptoms of chemtrail poisoning; HAARP; tunable polymers; biowarfare experiments since the 50’s; Zombie Nation – why the lack of awareness & outcry?” (12 min.)