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Posted in Health Watch with tags , on March 25, 2009 by willthomasonline

Don’t worry. Cell phones aren’t dangerous. Unless, that is, you happen to be a sperm cell, fertilized ovum, unborn fetus, pregnant woman, bumblebee, newly born infant, child, adolescent, teenager or adult regularly exposed to cell phones, portable phones, wireless computers, home routers, relay towers and other breathlessly ballyhooed components of the Wireless Age. If so, more than 15,000 scientific and medical studies show that your mental, emotional and physical health are being drastically compromised.

Meanwhile, the lucrative rush to mine the precious mineral  coltan used in every wireless device is prompting mass rape and murder in the Congo, along with indentured child labor and widespread habitat destruction resulting in the decimation and endangerment of the last rainforests and mountain gorillas.

Is this any way to treat our relatives?

The same PR firms that once blew smoke over Big Tobacco still insist that cell phones and other wireless gadgets blanketing homes, huts and cities with invisible electrosmog are “perfectly safe”. But over the past eight years, industry leaders Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson have quietly filed at least 25 patents for “limiting” radiation. None of these widgets are being produced or advertised – for obvious reasons: Nokia’s nervous 1998 filing with the US Patent & Trademark Office in Washington shakily (and ungrammatically) admitted: “radio frequency irradiation…could lead to the development of malignant tumour.”

A greatly increased risk of contracting malignant brain tumors is just one inconvenient truth clinically linked to the ongoing wireless craze that is seeing globe-smothering radio-frequency and microwave exposures at ever higher power densities.

In addition to extensively documented brain cancers, clinical trials and studies are repeatedly showing that those who habitually hold these miniature microwave ovens to their skulls (or even worse, use power-spiking headsets) – or balance wireless portable computers on their laps or pregnant bellies, or carry activated cell phones in bras and bikini bottoms, shirt and trouser pockets – are prone to endorphin-zapping electromagnetic addiction, cervical and breast cancer, hearing loss, vision loss, early onset senility, headaches, migraines, constant ringing in their ears, inner agitation, constant exhaustion, inability to concentrate, forgotten errands and appointments, lack of coordination, pain in hands or arms, birth defects and brain damaged offspring, nausea, kidney disease, obesity, mood swings, eye ticks, greatly diminished sex drive, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, Multiple Sclerosis, heart damage, heart attacks and sleep disorders. The list goes on… [Freiburger Appeal UGUMED Oct/02; Bioeffects Initiative 07]

Children are especially at risk.

So are non-users daily involuntarily exposed to all this second-hand wireless smog.

Where is this leading?

Straight off a planet-wide cliff.

Besides further bankrupting already bankrupt nations with compounding medical and disability costs, the drastic dumbing down of our political leaders, business executives, military personnel, technicians, emergency responders, other essential servants and neXt generation teens is gathering exponential speed – just when we need our sharpest minds to deal with the converging crisis of Climate Shift, Peak Oil and Monetary Meltdown.

Whatever you do, when it comes to wireless – don’t stay tuned. Join the worldwide revolt against this species-limiting technology. William Thomas