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Suppose we juxtapose the fissures currently splitting apart the polar icecaps with the tectonic fractures spreading through a world banking system that in recent years has become a no-risk-barred casino? In my just-posted feature story, FISSURES – linked through the sidebar at right – I do just that.

So what’s the point of posting two mirroring, steeply trending downward graphs of Arctic ice loss and the value of the American dollar?

Calamity, if we don’t pay attention.

The Good News is: Tracking these widening fault lines in the planet’s intertwined ecological and economical viability, we can see them opening even bigger fissures in dangerously outmoded attitudes, unquestioned assumptions and personal priorities.

Lucky for us, we’re at the crunch point. Because we don’t have a whole lot of time to “get the lessons” we’ve so cleverly arranged for our spiritual and global growth. Happily, if not comfortably for procrastinators like me, there is not another nanosecond to lose before we change our minds and our most unconscious habits. And stop sleepwalking right off the planet in a distracted daze.

It’s fun, uplifting and connecting to offer a silent blessing of gratitude for the smile tugging at that person’s face, the green shoots of garlic coming up in the garden, the spring songs those robins are singing

And it is downright instructional to start looking closely at our own conditioned choices and actions – especially at the manipulations being run on us by the most murderous, smooth-talking, ignorant, whacko, lying, greedheads ever assembled under a chemtrailed sky. To put it nicely. With all due respect.

You know who I mean.

It’s been going on for so long, we think the world has always worked this way. Two mistakes right there. Because it hasn’t. And it isn’t. Working, that is.

The world’s being run, bubba. If the essence of evil is not treating all sentient beings with dignity and respect, what’s going on when you and me are called “units” and “bubble wrap” by the banking gangsters pulling the debt-and-interest levers at the hub of the wheel to which all spokes lead?

As we roll merrily off several dozen cliffs not factored in computer bottom-lines, let’s count up all the elite families in the oligarchy running this planet ragged. Include all the bankers and corporate heads profiting from death, disaster and destruction. All these faceless dudes and dudesses would not fill more than a dozen big hotels.

Now all together, shout in a loud, strong voice: “SIX-BILLION SIX-HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE!”

Then ask: “Why are we putting up with being ripped off, seeing our children and their children and other families’ children being hurt and ripped off, watching our direct kin – the myriad wild lives of this planet – wiped out, and this unique gem of blue planet turned into a smoking wasteland by computerized robot-people endlessly churning out imaginary digital bottom lines that even now are vanishing like dust in the winds of change?”




I mean holy jeepers, Batgirl! Does the world really need an $81 billion dollar submarine to fight al-Qaeda’s nonexistent “navy”? (Thank you, Joe Lieberman.)

Do we really need another triple-cost-overrun, obsolete-before-it-flies, mega-billion dollar robot fighter plane “whose” only targets are the education and health budgets, atmosphere and ozone layer it shreds? Or three-hundred-billion dollar robotic stealth warships to sneak up on some guys clutching boxcutters and blow the wrong village away?

Unless, of course, our next-best weapons are handed to our many and growing opponents to “justify” the “need” for such insanely wasteful expenditures. While the real “terrorists” – lack of respect and education for women, hunger, waterborne diseases, water scarcity, dying oceans and hair-trigger climate shift – go unaddressed.

As Dana Hedgpeth points out in the Washington Post: “The high-tech planes and ships commissioned for trillions of dollars to defeat an enemy with no navy, air force or army, and using $3 knives as its weapons arsenal, were gifts to the military-industrial complex that will go on giving for decades to come. The Iraq war may end someday, but rest assured that major weapons systems, once commissioned, have a life-support system unmatched in any other sector of public spending. Rarely does the plug get pulled on even the most irrelevant and expensive war toy. Not while both Democratic and Republican politicians feed at the same trough… ” [ Apr 1/07]

Amen, sister.

C-130 pilots, for example, can talk easily to any command post on the planet at any time while wafting through the air dropping Dyno-Gel chemicals into hurricanes, or gigantic bombs onto indigent and indignant Afghanis. So why the frick does Boeing need another $3 billion for more radios when we have millions of American children going hungry, school programs shutting down, the elderly’s hard-earned lives and wisdom being discarded? And come to think of it: Why are those C-130s dropping giant, radioactive waste-filled bombs down their tail ramps on the poorest families on Earth – instead of food, medicine, winter clothing, tents and blankets?

I mean, Jesus (referring to his example) – if we really want to eliminate 99% of would-be terrorists overnight, all we have to do (I learned first-hand) is listen to their grievances. (We don’t have to agree, just listen.) Then… wait for it… feed them.

Offer everyone everywhere the same dignity, respect and prospects that we desire – and presto! – no more despairing, desperate or outraged “terrorists”. Except for a few short-circuited individuals who can be handled by their own tribes, or special forces and cops. It’s a heck-of-alot cheaper, saner and karmically advantageous than trying to kill one of out every three people onboard this sun-orbiting space colony.

And then we can do other stuff.

So when are you going to turn off the brainwashing fear-mongers? It’s as easy as unplugging your TVs. While you’re at, why not cut the cord to your molecular-messing microwave? And disconnect every brain-scrambling wireless phone and router in your place is another good start.

Feel better?

Now we can start firing all “corporate servants” and start replacing them with clued-in, new paradigm people itching to do real good. There are tons of them around. Though not that many in politics. So that chuck-and-jive shell game of interchangeable suits will have to go, too – as we get back to our founding Iroquois model of bioregionally-based representation among councils of elders, councils of youths, councils that give voice to furred, feathered, finned and leafy critters.

It’s already happening.

Our choice right now, this instant, is to first envision and then start creating what we most desire in our own lives, our relationships, our neighborhoods. Whirr-peddle up that big hill on your electric-assist bike and see how many people start asking where they can buy or build one, too. Plant some veggies in boxes on your flat roof or back deck and watch other gardens sprout around you. Leave your carbon-burner parked in your driveway for a few weeks and watch the whole block become a used car lot. (Or at least see their drivers start pressing auto insurers to charge only when a vehicle is in use.)

As for the unelected crazies and craziness we cannot seem to address, our choice is to stop buying their products and their lies, turn our backs and walk away from the briar patch, whistling, “zippetty-do-da, zippety day” – right into the streets leading to Washington. A few million outraged Americans hauling non-responsive politicians out of their offices by the scruff of their necks and either handing them pink slips, or charging them for their criminal acts, ought to do that trick.

Walking away does not mean ignoring what’s coming down, or how grossly we’re being conned. It means ending our complicity in a stupidly stressful suicidal death wish masked by drugs, denial and distracting simulations – and rejoining the marvels of raw, real, exuberant life instead.

Once more, all together on the chorus:


Please don’t misunderestimate my remarks.

I am not talking about electing Obama next year, after Bush/Cheney have blown up Iran and ignited Armageddon, cancelled the elections after another facilitated 9/11, or perpetrated some other dire mischief. Chances are, the Democrats are going to continue self-destructing and we (the non-voting world) are going to end up with” Bush The Sequel” on steroids. Because that’s how the system is rigged to perpetuate its profits and control.

I am not talking about waiting for blessed Obama, Jesus or some other Superhero to come bail us out. In real life, saviors and space brothers – imaginary or otherwise – seem to insist that we start helping ourselves before we can qualify for their intervention. And if Obama does makes it into the White House, he is going to need all the support we can give to pull off the vision he is so inspiringly articulating.

Nor am I talking revolution. While walking the Highway to Hell between Kuwait City and Basra, I’ve seen where weapons and violence lead. Even when the revolution is primarily peaceful – as in the former Soviet Union – “People Power” is inevitably replaced by “Mafia Power” as greed and control coalesce. Replacing one power-over system for another has never worked. Except for those at the top of the power pyramid.

I’m talking about… (may we have the envelope please…)


Yes, sports fans! The Super Good News is that we are being rapidly driven out of all remaining wriggle room and right Up Against The Bulkhead of our tantrum-throwing, eyes-squeezed shut resistance.

And guess what?




Is that handy, or what?

That door in our heart/mind is located right smack dang in the middle of 99% of the obstacles we think we face – and re-create every time we pump those mental goblins with more negative, fearful energy.

The handle is marked:


So turn it, already.


Step on through.


Are you alive, not dying of hunger, relatively pain free, and not facing imminent extinction in this moment?

Congratulations! This is the only moment you’ve got!

So take a breath. And another. And another… Envision enhancing your life by unshackling yourself from Oil and Credit Card Enslavement, parking your vehicle, dropping nonessential purchases, swapping and bartering and buying locally second-hand for what you need. Or maybe picking those items up and leaving others off at a “free store” like the one we have here on Hornby. Plant that veggie garden. (Check out, One Straw Revolution.) Reconnect with each other and the Earth. Organize a community garden. Or start a school garden and let it teach your children lessons of real value.

Because all children are our children.

Instead of buying still more stuff to throw into the black hole of your thirsty spirit, try refilling it naturally through quiet contemplation. Step back. Chill out. Cultivate time and space for quiet reflection. Or simply sit still looking out your eyes.

Doesn’t that feel better than another two hours of disastrous “nooz” or shoot-em-up videos and teevee?

Ten minutes’ time out twice a day will change your life in ways you never dreamed.

Stopping right where we are also helps us rediscover and recover our sense of Place. How does its Feng Shui vibe feel to you? Don’t like it so much? Change it! There is gigantic joy in taking the time to be in each moment. And major serenity in not being owned by things stored in boxes and still unpaid for.

Now we can start to see the biggest chuck and jive scam being run on us is that every “other” is an “enemy” to be feared and suppressed in ways that really oppress us!

If you are a brother wearing colors, and living every minute in fear and hatred of other brothers wearing other colors – you have fallen for a con being run on you by your real oppressors. Call a truce. Unite, instead.

Remember how the Black Panthers became real revolutionaries? While attending their strategy sessions and marching with them in Milwaukee, I watched the Panthers seriously freak out the Man when they started school lunch programs in the ghetto. Because the brothers understood that their oppressors understood that malnourished kids become listless and mentally impaired. And they knew that when it came to finally ending the slavery that has been going on ever since the last slaver sailed into Charleston and Tampa, the power of nutrition is stronger than the power of the gun.

Speaking of firearms…

If you happen to be a black or Hispanic soldier touring hell, and you have come to desperately decide that your only chance of getting home alive is to do unto others before they do it to you – hold that thought, and ask yourself why you’re fucking up other brothers and sisters of color who have never threatened you or done you wrong? Do you really believe in your heart that calling someone a “sand nigger” and blowing them away does not make you a “nigger” for doing Bush and Cheney’s dirty work? Is your green card worth your dignity and soul?

We’ve already seen an ongoing “General Strike” that has so far refused Bush/Cheney’s orders to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. Now we need a “Grunt Strike” to back them up before the people of Iraq, the Green Machine, and the Corps are completely trashed.

Remember the Nam? That senseless slaughter finally ended when the grunts – mostly brothers – refused to go back out into the boonies. And started dropping wrenches into the reduction gears of carriers so they couldn’t’ leave port. And began fragging officers trying to pad their careers with more dead GIs.

I am not advocating more violence. I am proud to have served my country as a zoomie-in-training who went on strike instead of air strikes napalming kids in their hamlets. And I am saying that insanity ended the day the guys with the guns laid them down, lit some spliffs, and said, “Dude, we’s taking the day off. And the day after that. And the one after that. You dig?”

They did, all right. And everyone still alive came home. One way or another.

It is choice time, amigas and amigos. Each one of us can start checking ourselves everyday, everywhere, every time: Why am I doing this? Are my thoughts, vibes and actions furthering or sabotaging my life, other lives, future lives – human and “wild”?

If you don’t like the answer, change your response. Then note, observe, bless and wonder how much happier, easier, better you feel. It is a scientific fact, when we do good and help others our heart, brain and body pump a surge of endorphins through our being. Stress deflates. And we feel gooooood about ourselves and others and where things are going.

Fear, negativity and anger have the opposite effects. And lead to an early grave.

True, the poles may be cracking up, the warmongers and torturers may be on some final fling, and the value of those pieces of paper and plastic in your pocket may be reverting to the actual worth of those materials. But – and there is always a but – we can make different choices, co-create a new story, stop giving energy to those mired in negative tapeloops, and transfer it instead to those who cherish and celebrate life in all its myriad, miraculous forms.


So let’s get on with renovating our awareness. And letting our actions flow from that guidance. We do have that power. We do have that choice.

That’s what the melting icecaps are teaching us. That’s where the dissolution of digital dollars is returning us. If we dare to get their lessons, shift from “me” to “we”, let go of self-destructive stories that are not our own – and finally trust and surrender to the spirit of kindness and compassion that can unite us all.

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