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Welcome to the willthomasonline blog.

(This blog incorporates my website willthomasonline.net.)

A long-time reporter, I have received four Canadian awards for my investigative features. I started my career as a reporter and photographer on the streets of Milwaukee and Chicago and the mud of Woodstock during the ’60s.

During and immediately following Desert Storm, I co-founded and served with a three-man environmental emergency response team in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. My reports to Environment News Service via Kuwait’s only working fax line went worldwide. My half-hour video documentary, “Eco War” was excerpted by CNN, NBC and the CBC and went on to win “Best Documentary Short” at the 1991 U.S. Environmental Film Festival.

Since then I have written the first complete book on Gulf War Illness – Bringing The War Home and, as the first reporter to break the chemtrails story on Art Bell back in January 1999, I continue to update my book, Chemtrails Confirmed.

I also researched and published  the first book on September 11 –  All Fall Down: The Politics Of Terror and Mass Deception –  in December 2001. This book has now been extensively updated  and released by Bridger Press as  Days Of Deception: Ground Zero And Beyond. (See also Scorched Earth and Alt. Health – if you can find a copy. Google Dialing Our Cells to download this short ebook online.)

Currently, I am working to complete several ebooks for electronic downloading. These include a completely updated Chemtrails book to coincide with my History Channel interview next September. (Read excerpts here.)

My latest, fully-documented ebook on cell phone and wireless health hazards is also nearing completion. (Read my latest cell phone/wirless update here.)

My ebook on choosing a recumbent bicycle and converting it to electric-assist is also nearly completed. (Read “Electric Biker” here.)

You can also ind excerpts from my upcoming book Zombie Nation here.

And if you enjoy landscape photography…

Before working as a “photog” for the Vancouver Sun in the early 1970’s, I co-founded the first photographic gallery on Canada’s west coast – The Mind’s Eye Gallery – in Gastown. You can check out my current professional photographic work here. Or stop by my table at Hornby Island’s summer market!

More soon.

Thank you  for participating in my willthomasonline.net blog.

William Thomas


17 Responses to “About William Thomas”

  1. just a guy Says:

    I read the Boo Who ? story and I think your dead on. Well done!
    I am not a very educated guy but what from I have seen it looks like the Liberals are for the corporations and the hell with the people. The NDP are for the people (so they say) but the hell with budgeting. After all debt isn’t sooo bad. The Conservatives are war mongering red necks that follow the Bush ideal. Can’t anyone just run a country in a responceable middle of the road kind of way. With out greed and corruption? Aren’t these politions rich enough? We pay them well for there work. The whole political system needs to be changed. I was just introduced to you Mr Thomas and from what little I have read so far I am impressed. I would be and I am sure others too to hear you run with this idea. If you have already I am sorry.I will continue reading more of your work because like I said you have made an impression.

  2. rick allen Says:

    Dear Mr. Thomas,

    Please respond to me– it’s important. What’s your view on the product on this link? http://www.inspiredliving.com/emf-protection/

  3. W. O. G. for life+ Says:

    In my studys i have came across a very perticular item that needs grate atencation to. I have found a web site called sherry shriner.com, she talks about a way to nonother off-line chemtrails but even E.L.F towers. the item I am refering to is called orgone, and she quotes do not buy them online for they may be inefective, or insted of distroying them they will provoke the chemicals and E.L.F signals to u and not away from u.

  4. ‘I am an award-winning Canadian journalist specializing in health and environment. During and immediately after the Gulf War, he served five months in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as a member of a three-man environmental emergency response team.’

    Your very first paragraph marks you as a poor writer. First you say ‘I’, then you say ‘he’, both times presumably referring to yourself. If you can’t get simple grammar right, why should you be trusted with big ideas? Get your act together, man!

  5. I am a mother of two living in Florida. Sprayings are a weekly occurance. I have pictures to prove it. I was pointing my camera towards the sky and the two girls who live next door asked me why I was taking a picture of the x in the sky. I also have a picture of that common x pattern over my daughter’s school/church. Driving up to her school and seeing that made me very angry. The realization that there is nobody to scream at and nowhere to turn can be devastating. I wish I never found out about chemtrails and HAARP. I wish I could look at the sky the way I used to. I wish I could trust the government and the all the people that swore to protect us. They have children too. This was planned long before I was born. The secrets run deep. No one person can penetrate their secrecy. Those who chose money over human life will have to pay one way or another. I believe in Karma.

  6. Mr. Thomas, your website on Chemtrails is incrediably accurate. Thank you for the valuable information. Many websites regarding Chemtrails just don’t come across ….as reputable as yours.
    A huge question for myself, and I’m sure for you too, and others, with all the evidence of Chemtrails in the sky, all over the world, where are the envirnmeentalists and leading hollywood celeb’s that are always in the media about envirnmental issues, such as this? They make there voices known on every other subject and the media is there to cover, why not the recognition and concern not coming from these two groups?

  7. This isn’t a rant but a comment about “off stream” media, videos and such. The internet is rife with alternate media sites, ideas, conspiracy theories, environmental concerns, political exposes etc. I have been surfing about out there and have posted a modest variety of what I’ve found on an “open” facebook group called “Human Conduct.” For those of you that are curious, please visit the group. Serious comments are welcome.

  8. Thanks, Nick,
    I’m not impressed either! Proofreading is a nightmare for writers because I/we auto-edit (filter) my/our typos – while fresh eyes instantly spot my glitches. Want to help? Also, I’ve added the “date posted” widget on my archive sidebar. Thanks again for taking time to comment.

  9. Hi Pauline,

    Short answer: Greenpeace – whom I have worked with in successful pulp mill cleanup campaigns – acknowledges the issue but says they do not have the resources to campaign around chemtrails. From my personal experience with their extreme reluctance to intervene before the oil fires were lit during Desert Storm, there reason (stated in Germany, where it became a major public issue) is code for: “This issue is too controversial and politically dangerous to identify with.”

    As an “environmentalist” myself (aren’t we all?) – the reluctance of eco groups freaking out over climate change to deal with one of the major causes of atmospheric upset – and one that governments can stop immediately – is… bizarre.

    As for Hollywood – at the request of a well-connected producer I wrote a chemtrails “thriller” script. But no one would make it. (Imagine trying to get the US Air Force to provide planes and access!) Thank you again.

  10. Thanks for your comment. Actually, I fixed this quite awhile ago, Langley. The perils of cut ‘n’ paste. And going too fast. The workload on one (unpaid) person researching, editing and running a blog and a website is nuts. Still, what’s the point you rightly ask with screw-ups like this!

    Thanks again.

  11. I called up a former air force pilot close by who had aimed his “orgone generator” at a chemtrail-laced sky – and politely asked him why it wasn’t working.

    No reply.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi Guy,
    Looks like the oligarchy (greedheads) went too far this time. People are getting riled. And it’s about time. Thing now is to put this passion into creative change! Thank you.

  13. I have no idea – though I am skeptical. Using a Tri-Field meter would tell this tale. (One buyer said he did – and the product works…) My issue with fairy dust and magic crystal “shields” is that many people think they’re protected when they’re not – and increase their exposure accordingly. Best and cheapest defense is to keep your distance from EMF-emitting appliances around the home. Even three-feet is usually enough. Thank you.

  14. During the ’50’s govt started experimentation with monkeys. Skulls removed, electrodes attached. Monkeys controllable. How to do same with humans? By not using wires, electrode’s? Spray barium into air which enters human brain. The system used to manipulate weather can also manipulate thought. Get the picture? More of public has ringing in the ears. It’s happening. Full control of humans coming soon. Your thought are appreciated.

  15. Brent Townsend Says:

    i find it regrettable that so many people have been duped by the concept of Chemtrails. Therefore, I would like to invite you Mr. Williams 1) to a live broadcast – public debate. And 2) for a friendly day of ‘Plane Spotting’ in the great outdoors.

    Perhaps we can arrive at some middle ground understanding.

    Personally, I believe the entire thing is a ‘hoax’ as well as a product of the CIA in order to establish who the ‘letter writers’ are and label them as subversive. As I see it, all of your letters are automatically directed to the Chemtrail dead letter dept. And seeing as you’ve all been ‘re-purposed’ to pursuing a Wild Goose Chase – you’re giving them (the government powers) the green light to carry out everything else they’re doing right under your noses.

    and you’re all too busy to notice. Too bad that. But if you are interested in the truth, I’ll be around, and we could attempt to better define the study.

  16. I don’t know who else to ask and this is a fairly local question. I even lived on Denman Island for many years. But this is regarding Duncan where I now live.

    There have been a huge number of small plane crashes in the last few weeks. Okay, only maybe four or five. But planes rarely crash in Duncan and suddenly, all these crashes in this area. The latest, a Cessna float plane ending upside down in Maple Bay area.

    Is there something we don’t know about that is causing these crashes? Something messing with the engines or mechanics of these planes? Or are these crashes coincidental and summer of 2014 is just a bad year for pilots, some of them highly experienced with many years of flying behind them, and planes?

    Thank you Will

    Gillian in Cowichan Bay (Duncan)

  17. Hi Will
    Hope this reaches you. I’ve been trying (and failing) to reach your through the two emails I have. There’s an update on the book project. The War and Environment Reader had to find a new publisher after we lost Doug Tompkins in a tragic kayaking accident in Chile. The Reader is now set to be published by Just World Books, a small, progressive nonprofit. There are more than 50 contributors to the book including Dan Ellsberg, Michael Klare, Dr. Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva and Media Benjamin. The excerpt from your Gulf War report appears in the second of three major sections of the book — Permawar, Terracide, Ecolibrium. In the last email we exchanged you mentioned that you have digital versions of your scorched earth images from the GEERT expedition. If these are still available, we might be able to use one or two. If possible, I’d love to see both your words and images in the book.
    If this reaches you, I’ll be happy to send the complete TOC in a new email. Best wishes from Berkeley,
    Editor Emeritus, Earth Island Journal
    co-founder, Environmentalists Against War

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