Everyone has a story. Compelling and connected to other events already known to us, the most astonishing stories we hear never make the news.

But they often contradict it.

The “news” prints and broadcasts stories, too. But unlike an eyewitness with no other agenda than sharing information too burdensome to keep carrying alone, “news” stories are carefully trimmed of any elements that might expose previously poor reporting. Or worse, shock the consensus reality so carefully manufactured and offered to us – or withheld – by “news managers” constrained regardless of their personal motives and professional experience by the twin corporate imperatives of selling sponsor’s products and maintaining privileged access to highly placed government and military sources, who if miffed by truths puncturing their own propaganda, might choose to withhold “access” granted to competitors.

Most real news never makes the “news”. That which leaks through often comes from the first eye-witness interviews carried live from a noteworthy event – like the survivors from the World Trade Center speaking excitedly of “bombs in the building,” or local TV coverage of residents recounting how Flight 93 was shot down by a pursuing fighter jet over Pennsylvania. These initial, often early morning reports are quickly censored –the WTC survivors’ lips rendered soundless, the local Pennsylvania feed “quarantined” from going national.

Despite its babble of unsubstantiated rumors, alarms, hysterics, and speculations masqueraded as facts, unmediated first-person accounts of unreported or misreported stories are what make the Internet so powerful – and so dangerous to allied political and corporate elites. In the age of Podcasts and electronic Personal Data Assistants, anyone with access can tell their story unfiltered by official gatekeepers.

If whistleblowers choose to present their anecdotes, allegations, sources and supporting documentation online, the interlinking nature of this brain-like network can spark crucial updates and expert insights in connected craniums around the globe – at the speed of a single collective thought.

This happened when Hank relayed reports from his army buddies in Baghdad about popcorn popper-shaped devices derived from navy sonar being placed by US Naval Intelligence agents on rooftops in Fallujah and other towns in Iraq to muddle the moods, thoughts and bodily processes of everyone bathed in their invisible frequencies. Because I had written extensively on electromagnetics and the effects of microwaves and related electronic rays on human physiology, because I understand the military mind and lingo from my own service in the navy, because the wealth of details he supplied matched what I knew and made sense – and because the person I had come to call “Hank” had been supplying me with proven-accurate stories as big as the Gulf War Illness cover-up for nearly 15 years – I went with “Microwaving Iraq”.

The Web’s peer-review audience of skeptics and naysayers took a look, found the story credible, and bounced it on to other nodes almost at the speed of thought. And suddenly questions were raised in the British Parliament regarding Downing Street’s knowledge of and involvement with the “poppers”.

Hank’s next big revelation was not volunteered. Instead it came in a guarded, hours-long response to my query regarding the briefest of news items mentioning that Israeli fighter-bombers had been intercepted by the U.S. Air Force and turned back over Iraq, apparently while en route to bomb Iran.

“Yes sir,” he said.

The story was true. His sources in the area had risked their careers and perhaps much more to report on the aborted raid. Because the Israeli jets had been carrying three 20-kiloton nuclear bombs.

After a weekend of soul-searching and review, I elected to go with Hank’s information. The story hit the Web like a brainstorm. Ricocheting off sites worldwide within minutes, it landed smoking – according to the two uniformed military intelligence officers who appeared on Hank’s doorstep within hours – on high-level desks of military, diplomatic and intelligence services. Even the Vatican appended their regards to the agents’ two-word message to “Hank” and Mr. Thomas:

“Thank you.”

Curiously, our story of WMD transfers by a dissident Iraqi officer to his Shiite brethren in Iran at the onset of Desert Storm – though verified by an accompanying declassified U.S. Department of Defense Intelligence report that provided the make, model and even the colors of the Scania and Mac transport trucks involved – had been ignored.

But Israel’s “outed” atomic attack forced a special session of the Knesset, where some pointed questions were raised. The next day I was gratified to read international press stories carrying Israel’s apology for transgressing Iraqi air space without permission – and promises that it would not happen again. No mention of the nuclear bombs, or any type of ordnance was mentioned.

Which “shows to go you” that the news that rocks governments and even Jesuits rarely makes the “news”.

Next came Hank’s revelations from carefully corroborated sources that the microchips running much of the U.S. military’s communications, surveillance, logistics, fire-control and weapons systems had not been made by the trusted Taiwanese and U.S. manufacturers whose logos were stamped on “mil spec” requisition orders for chips built to “military specifications” and capable of withstanding an Electromagnetic Pulse from an atomic blast.

Instead, many had been “Wal-Marted” to Beijing-monitored manufacturers on mainland China, who not only produced each chip for profit-enhancing low-cost – but also “back-doored” them for Chinese military access, while ensuring that each chip would be easily knocked out by an EMP. Or a pulse weapon fired on the frequency as the targeted U.S. chips.

After exhaustive research of obscure trade publications confirmed this danger, I ran with Hank’s details. This Web-published story went all the way to the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who ordered his subordinates to immediately check it out and report back to him. They did.

“It checks out,” they told the dismayed marine general. “The story is correct.”

So when I checked in with Hank and his sources on media reports of a USAF B-52 making an unauthorized flight carrying six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, I was shocked but not surprised to learn that People’s Liberation Army hackers had busted U.S. “go codes” and ordered the loadout of six armed nukes – destination, the Persian Gulf Theater. Neither Bush nor Gates – the only two people capable of signing off on such a loadout as National Command Authority – had known of the bomber’s launch.

But even though I had written a precautionary piece on “Cyber War,” and had seen Hank’s “faulty chips” story verified by the Joint Chiefs – and even though the official Minot story of an “accidental” nuclear loadout defied longstanding U.S. nuclear protocols and made no sense, I could not “go to press” with Hank’s Minot revelations until having them independently verified by another highly placed source – who supplied additional details.

Now comes Hank’s “off-the-charts” scary revelations from his own experiences “in-country” in southern Iraq, and subsequent relays from “boots on the ground” buddies tramping the rugged karsts of Afghanistan in bulky NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) “moonsuits” of five “low yield” earth-penetrating atomic bombs dropped on those countries in 1991 and 2002 respectively.

Almost since the first American attacks on Afghanistan in October 2001, I had been troubled by on-scene rumors of nuclear detonations there. But with no way to check these speculations, I held my own Internet fire.

Problem was (as Pentagon war planners had underlined), the blast effects, dirty miniature mushroom clouds, radioactive fallout and subsequent health symptoms in an exposed populace from so-called tactical nuclear weapons exactly matched the characteristics of gigantic “bunker-buster” bombs tipped with non-explosive but deadly radioactive Uranium-238.

I had long been tracking the horrific effects of America’s radioactive nuclear waste so extravagantly and explosively dumped in so-called Depleted Uranium weapons on the hapless inhabitants of Bosnia, Puerto Rico, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. In a country where nearly one in ten people had been killed – more than two million corpses so far among a population of 25 million people – poisoned wombs and water supplies carrying fallout that will remain lethal for four billion years mean that the surge in cancers and birth defects documented in hospitals since the first Gulf War will continue rising to genocidal levels.

But something even more insidious was showing up among stricken families in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not just multiple cancers in a single individual whose family had never known that disease – something never before seen in the medial literature. But wildly aggressive symptoms and birth abnormalities were appearing in people that far eclipsed even the most hideous effects from the radioactive heavy metal poisoning of DU.

Medical teams were mystified. And frightened. Especially when urine samples of the afflicted showed no traces of Depleted Uranium. What was happening in these countries? Why were hospitals in the Basra district of southern Iraq being swamped with sudden onset cancers in children and young women, as well as hideous birth defects, when most of America’s nuclear waste weapons had been exploded in Baghdad and outlying regions far to the north?

Medical survey teams began referring to “NDU” or Non-Depleted Uranium weapons.

But what if they were really seeing the effects of “small” nuclear strikes? What if radioactive sand and pulverized rock had contaminated entire regions with invisibly lethal dust that could be stirred up by vagrant breezes, fierce sandstorms and passing vehicles to be easily inhaled and ingested by people living there? What if the water tables in southern Afghanistan and Iraq were permanently laced with radionuclides from five-kiloton subsurface atomic detonations – one near Basra, four in Tora Bora and other mountainous redoubts in Afghanistan?

Hopefully, this latest story will find “legs” long enough to carry it to distant doctors and medical researchers, who might want to take another look at findings that baffled them. Hopefully, U.S. military and intelligence services monitoring this website will do their own back-checking – along with diplomatic liaisons in countries most concerned with the obsession of White House fundamentalists with “nuking” Iran. If this story checks out (and based on Hank’s unbroken string of home-runs, I am confident it will) – and the post-WWII nuclear Rubicon has already been crossed by the only country to use nuclear weapons against another – the chance that Cheney-Bush will order nuclear “bunker-busters” to be used in Teheran and other locations throughout Iran is nearly 100%.

Somewhere soon, someone or someones, must ensure that it returns to zero.


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